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The first release of this home page was on Friday 31st July 1998. That home page was made with Frontpage express. Making of this home page is just for fun, to explore the Internet and to learn the HTML programming code. Most of the programming of this home page is done "on the road" by Marco, mostly during waiting on airports. On the 16th of March 1999 was the first version of this home page in MS Frontpage. On this site you find some useful information about Bredevoort, Bandung, The Netherlands, Indonesia, the genealogy of the Wagener family, Formula 1 Competition Bredevoort and the Bre-team. In 2007 the website moved from Worldonline/ Tiscali account to marco.wagener.net

The link page contains our favourite links, so when Marco is not at home, in an Internet cafe or cyber cafe somewhere on this planet Marco can easy find the way to his favourite pages. Marco only has to remember the address of our own home page !. On the link page you find a lot of links about Bredevoort, Bandung, The Netherlands, Indonesia, Genealogy, gondelvaart Bredevoort, Sport, Dhea's & Marco's favourite links.

All the information on this home page may be used, but information may NOT BE used for commercial proposes!

We hope you enjoy our home page.

Marco & Dhea Wagener


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