Welcome to the website of gondola building group Bre-team. On this website we want to give you an impression of our group and the event "Bredevoort Schittert" in Bredevoort.

Bre-team in 2010 Bredevoort Schittert

Every year in the last weekend of September on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening in Bredevoort there is Bredevoort Schittert. The gondolas display with bicycle lights historic scenes, building, comic figures, animals etc.  The Bredevoort Schittert is a light show, full of technic and romantic. Bredevoort Schittert is a miracle of light and unique in the world, a must see for everybody!

Since 1986 the Bre-team built every year a gondola, they already start in April with building and finish always on the Friday before the first evening. On this page you find information about the Bre-team, who they are and what they made. We hope you will enjoy our website.

Bredevoort Schittert takes place on Friday 24, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 September 2010 from 17.00 in Bredevoort, The Netherlands. We will be there, and what about you..., you should be there!.

Domme Aanleg sponsor of Bre-team

Bre-team is sponsored by Cafe Restaurant "De Domme Aanleg"


History of Bre-team

How the Bre-team build their gondola

A normal Bre-team day

Persberichten over het Bre-team [NL]

Photo gallery of the Bre-team

Bredevoort Schittert Links, links about the Bredevoort Schittert in Bredevoort [NL/ UK].

Bredevoort Schittert

For more information about the "Bredevoort Schittert" goto: Bredevoort Schittert [NL/ D]

The barbeque

Cafe restaurant "De Domme Aanleg" sponsor of the Bre-team


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