Bre-team photo gallery

A look at the gondola of 2000 "Snoopy" during day lightThis rotating drum switches the figures of the gondala to create the cartoon The rotating drum that switches the relays to create the cartoonPatrick Beijers in actionThe sound isolated box in which the generator for the power supply is placedA look at the backside of the raft, with in the middle the switch panelA look at the raft of the Bre-team and the boat who transports the raft over the canalA look at the back side of the gondolaThe front of the raft with the colored bicycle lightsThe raft of the Bre-team with in front the boat who transports the raft over the canalThe sponsor of the Bre-team Cafe restaurant "De Domme Aanleg"Henk te Winkel busy with testing, Ivo Oonk at the backgroundWiring and in the middle a terminal clamp for power supplyIvo Oonk busy connecting the wires at the front from the gondola FC Knudde in 2001Marco Geurink sawing through a chipboardThe Bre-team building site at Garage Ten BruinPeter Lensink in "action" ?!?Patrick, Marco & Martijn busy with connection chip boards together on a frameMartijn, Marco & Patrick busy connection the chip boards on the frameMarco & Martijn & Patrick busy with putting the screws to connect the chipboard to the frameAfter dark Bre-team is busy with putting the subject with markers to the platesWith the help of an overhead projector the subject is displayed so that it can be drawn on the platesEverything takes place under the "watch full eye" of the board of directors..., on the right side the overhead projectorA preview of the 2002 gondola Donald DuckPatrick & Peter busy putting the subject to the platesRoy ter Horst & Patrick Beijers busy marking the position where the holes should be drilledThe BIG leader Patrick busy soldering the lampsPatrick soldering the lampsHenk te Winkel busy soldering the lampsA word from our sponsor "Domme Aanleg"The gondola of the Bre-team in 2002 "Donald Duck"


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