A normal Bre-team day


In the past Bre-team also built the gondola only during the weekdays in the evenings but that is a long time ago, because some members do not live in Bredevoort anymore, now they only build at Saturdays and some time on wednesday evening starting in April.

Saturday morning around 10.00 the first Bre-team member arrives at the building site and parks his bicycle or car. He looks around and is disappointed (maybe because of a hangover from the day before) that he is the first one present.  He opens the doors and looks for the extension cable and plug it in so that he is able to make coffee. He makes coffee for about 12 cups (the Bre-team has 15 members and maybe they will show up all this Saturday morning who knows). Between 10.15 and 10.30 it is possible that some more members arrive. At 10.30 before they start working they first will drink coffee and discuss about the Friday evening and what kind of work has to be done this Saturday. Between 10.30 and 11.00 it is possible that another member of the Bre-team shows up with hot "saucijze broodjes". Normally at 11.00 they start working at their gondola with 3 or 4 people.

Around 13.00 you can find them a their sponsor Cafe Restaurant "De Domme Aanleg" for lunch, their normal order is "schnitzel met patat". Their sponsor is located between Bredevoort and Lichtenvoorde in Baarlo. From their building site at Garage Ten Bruin to their sponsor is quite far, because the building site is located in Bredevoort about 3 kilometres away from "De Domme Aanleg".

Cafe restaurant "De Domme Aanleg" sponsor of the Bre-team

After returning to the building site around 14.00 they continue to work until 16.00-16.30. In the mean time it is possible that another member shows up because he is just awake. After finishing work they will clean up and start the social activity of the gondelvaart, drinking beer with friends and other gondelbouwers. After this they go home, but on the way back home some members just have to stop at one of the bars in Bredevoort on their way home.

This will happen around 10 Saturdays each year before gondola of the Bre-team is ready for transportation. On a Friday and a Saturday, two weeks before the first evening, they put their gondola on the self-made raft and let it float in the ancient canal in Bredevoort.  

On a wednesday eveing they start around 19.00 and they will stop around 20.30, because then it is time for some social activities, watching soccer together and having a drink with some friends.


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