Dhea Wagener - Effriyanti Dewi

Dhea on her wedding day

Dhea was born on the 19th of August, a Lion, in 1976, the year of the Dragon, in Bandung, Indonesia. The distance between my hometown and Marco's hometown is about 11.500 kilometres. The meaning of Dewi in my family name in the Indonesian language is God or Godness. After my wedding with Marco my name changed to Dhea Wagener. Dhea's hobbies are music, reading, playing pool billiard, playing cards, sending SMS & e-mail, watching television, going to the cinema, A1 GP racing and Formula one racing.  Dhea worked since 1995 until December 2000 as bartenders in the Onix bar of the Ibis Slipi hotel. In this bar we first meet because Marco was staying in Ibis Slipi hotel for a long time to install 2 waste water treatments for his company AQUA Industrial Watertreatment in Jakarta. Dhea lived in Jakarta for 5 years, the capitol of Indonesia. Since February 2001 Dhea is living in Bandung again, because Marco moved also to Bandung. Dhea & Marco likes traveling and we  visited already many countries & airports and with all airlines Dhea & Marco travelled are listed on this website.

Marco & Dhea are married on 3rd of May 2002 in Aalten, The Netherlands, click here for more info about our wedding.

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On this website you can find information about Indonesia and my home town Bandung.

Countries Dhea visited : Austria, Belgium, Cambodia, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Malaysia, Norway, The Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, Vatican.

If you want to contact me please send a e-mail to: dhea@wagener.net

Dhea Wagener

DheaDhea Wagener

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