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The first time Marco visit Indonesia was in December 1997, to install a waste water treatment in Jakarta. In 1998 Marco installed a second waste water treatment in Jakarta, during the last trip we fall in love and after this time Marco had to visit Indonesia more often. This is no problem because Marco likes Indonesia very much, it is the most beautiful country he ever visited. Since 2001 Marco & Dhea are living in Bandung. On this page you will find some information about Indonesia. We think at least once in your life you should visit Indonesia!
Indonesia is in population one of the biggest country in the world, the population is about 220 million, only China, India and the United States have more inhabitants then Indonesia. Indonesia has more then 13.000 islands, 6000 islands are inhabited. There are 6 main islands: Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Bali, Kalimantan and Irian Jaya.  Indonesia covers 1,919,317 sq. kilometres, this is 56 times the size of the Netherlands and stretch over 4800 kilometre. There are more then 300 vulcanous in Indonesia. Indonesia is a former part of the Netherlands, in 1947 Indonesia became independent from The Netherlands. Indonesia is the biggest Moslem country in the world, 85 % of the population is Muslim. There are Christian, Hindu (mainly on Bali) and Buddhist minorities.  

On a Sunday and a public holiday it is better not to travel and stay at home or hotel, because there is always many traffic and traffic jams on the road, in the cities and to popular tourist attractions.

In Indonesia the contrast between rich and poor is very big and clearly visiable.

Indonesia hosted in 2006 & 2007 A1 GP Race at Sentul circuit, Marco & Dhea went to this great event.

a map of Indonesia


The official language in Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia, a modern version of Malay, with influences of the English and Dutch language. In Indonesia there are about 300 different languages in every part of Indonesia they speak a different language, but everybody speaks Bahasa Indonesia. In the biggest cities, many people speak or understand English and some elderly people speak Dutch. But when you visit Indonesia and you speak a little Bahasa, it makes you stay more pleasant.



The currency is Indonesia is called Rupiah, automatic teller machines ATM's are available in the bigger cities throughout the country. A credit card from Master card or Visa can be used for paying almost everything. If you want to change money bring US dollars or Euro's, traveller check are not always accepted.


Make contact with home is not a problem in Indonesia. Telephone/ fax and e-mail service is available in almost every business hotel and in the street look for Wartel (Warung Telecom), small shops where you can call, fax or sometimes they have Internet service (Warnet). Europeans and Asians can also bring their mobile phone, because their mobile is working in Indonesia.


As already mentioned on this page, Indonesia is the biggest moslim country in the world. If the Moslim fasting month (Ramadan) starts, many restaurants are closed during the day and night life is limited during the Ramadan. Travelling in Indonesia is difficult during the Ramadan and specially a few days before and after the Ramadan, because a lot or people visit their families. If you staying in hotels the service will continue as normal, you will almost not know if it is Ramdan.

Because Dhea lived for many years in Jakarta and Marco was there often we know something about Jakarta. Jakarta, the capitol of Indonesia is the biggest city in Indonesia with about 10 million inhabitants, the second largest city is Surabaya and the third is Bandung.

Most visitors to Indonesia will arrive at the Soekarna-Hatta airport in Jakarta. After the immigration you will find ATM's where you can get the Indonesian rupiah, if you need a taxi you must pay them in rupiah. The quickest way to get out of the airport is take a taxi from the Blue bird group, the counter is behind the custums clearing and before the exit of the airport. A taxi from Blue Bird or a Silver Bird is the quickest and safest way to get to downtown Jakarta from the airport.

To get around in Jakarta is easy, just take a taxi's because there a many taxi's riding in the city. Almost all taxis have a meter, this makes it easy you never have to negotiate about the price. The taxi drivers almost never have change so take small banknotes with you (1000, 5000 and 10.000 rupiah). To have a safe ride take a taxi of the "Blue bird group" the best taxi service of Jakarta.

Going out in Jakarta

The bar B.A.T.S. in Shangrila Hotel, Onix bar in Hotel Ibis Slip, both have live music. Bugils, a Dutch bar at Taman Ria Senayan is one of our favorite places to go. For everybody who like loud disco music discotheque Tanamour. For dinning Planet Hollywood restaurant & cinema and Hard Rock cafe Jakarta, both also have performance of live bands.

Some tourist attractions in Jakarta are Seaworld, the old harbour Sunda Kelapa, Taman Mini Indonesia.


The hometown of Dhea and since 2001 Marco and Dhea are living in Bandung. Click here for more information about Bandung, this is a special section of this web site.

Bali Girl


One of the most famous destinations in Indonesia is of the island Bali. Visited by a few million tourist anually, Bali is the ultimate tourist destination in Indonesia.


The island next to Bali, a nice and green Island and not overrun by tourists.


One of ancient 7 world wonders is in Indonesia, the Borobudur temple. The Borobodur temple is the biggest boedist temple in the world and very popular tourist attraction. The Parambanan temple is also worth a visit. In the center of Jogyakarta is also the Sultans Palace also a nice place to visit.

Borobodur in Jogyakarta

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