Holland, the name Holland is frequently used instead of the Netherlands

Dhea visit the Netherlands or Belanda in Bahasa Indonesia the first time in 1999. It was in the autumn and in the winter and she found the Netherlands nice but cold. Special in autumn when the leaves fall from the trees was a strange experience for her. Dhea also likes the cows that are all around in the Netherlands. Dhea did not see any strange animals in the Netherlands only "animals" with 2 legs.

The Netherlands has 15 million inhabitants. An area of 41,526 sq. kilometres. The capitol is Amsterdam, with a population of 800.000. The seat of the government is The Hague. The country is flat and level and criss-crossed by rivers and canals. Large areas have be reclaimed from the sea, these areas called "polders", are extremely fertile and one-fifth of the country is below sea level. The landscape is broken by the forest of Arnhem, the bulb fields in the west, the lakes of central and northern areas, and coastal dunes.

The name the Netherlands refers to the low laying nature of the country, nether means low. The name Holland is frequently used instead of the Netherlands, but Holland refers only to 2 provinces in the Netherlands. There are many religions in the Netherlands, the main religions are Roman Catholic and Protestant about 25% of the inhabitants don't profess a religion.

a map of the Netherlands

Dutch is the first language of more then 21 Millions Dutch and Flemish (Belgium) people, the 30th largest language in the world. Most of the Dutch people speak and understand English and German. A lot of people also speaks and understand France. A lot of foreigners live in the Netherlands, people form Marocco, Turkey, Indonesia and Spain, which speak Dutch as their second language. In the province of Friesland around 400.00 people has Friesian as the first language.



The hometown of Marco. Click here for more information about Bredevoort, this is a special section of this web site.


Bredevoort Booktown

The hometown of Marco is the booktown of the Netherlands. Click here for more information about Bredevoort, this is a special section of this web site.


The spring garden of the Netherlands, full of colourfull flowers specially the world famous Dutch tulips.


The capitol of the Netherlands a nice, interesting city which every tourist should see.

Burgers Zoo

One of the best zoo's in the Netherlands in Arnhem, the eastern part of the Netherlands.

Openlucht museum

A museum which shows the Netherlands in the past with old houses, wind mills etc, also in Arnhem next to Burgers Zoo.


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