The vehicle license plate system used in Indonesia are a legacy of the Dutch occupation era. They don't reflect the current regional divisions of the country by using Province, but still use the old Dutch style 'Karesidenan' regions.

Except for some special cases, every vehicle license plate in Indonesia follows this format: one or two letters denoting area of registration, followed by up to four digits of number, and followed by optional one or two letters. For example: D 1028 EB is a vehicle registered in Bandung, because it begins with letter D. 

There are several classes of license plates, each can be distinguished by their color:
  • White on black: the most common type of license plate, this is for normal vehicles owned by citizens.
  • Red on white: for vehicles that haven't been registered yet, or for new cars that have no owners yet.
  • Black on yellow: for public transportation vehicles, such as buses or taxis.
  • White on red: for goverment's vehicles.
  • Black on white: for vehicles belonging to foreign countries. Commonly used by foreign embassy's or International organizations vehicles. Diplomatic license with CD number plates
  • Military, police or fire brigade have their own colors, and usually include their insignia and/or the rank of the officer owning the vehicle.
  • There are also other special convention, such as for vehicles used by President, Vice President or other senior government officials.

number plates Indonesia

The following lists the area of registration of license plates. It uses one or two letters to denote area of registration.
  • A: Banten
  • AA: Kedu
  • AB: Yogyakarta
  • AD: Surakarta
  • AE: Madiun
  • AG: Kediri
  • B: Jakarta
  • BA: West Sumatra
  • BB: North Sumatra
  • BD: Bengkulu
  • BE: Lampung
  • BG: South Sumatra
  • BH: Jambi
  • BK: North Sumatra
  • BL: Aceh
  • BM: Riau
  • BN: Bangka
  • D: Priangan (area of Bandung)
  • DA: South Kalimantan
  • DB: Minahasa
  • DD: South Sulawesi
  • DE: South Maluku
  • DG: North Maluku
  • DH: Timor
  • DK: Bali
  • DL: Sangihe
  • DM: North Sulawesi
  • DN: Central Sulawesi
  • DR: Lombok
  • DS: Papua
  • E: Cirebon
  • EA: Sumbawa
  • EB: Flores
  • ED: Sumba
  • F: Bogor
  • G: Pekalongan
  • H: Semarang
  • K: Pati
  • KB: West Kalimantan
  • KH: Central Kalimantan
  • KT: East Kalimantan
  • L: Surabaya
  • M: Madura
  • N: Malang
  • P: Besuki
  • R: Banyumas
  • S: Bojonegoro
  • T: Purwakarta
  • W: Surabaya area
  • Z: East Bandung
Vehicle license plates belonging to senior government officials like President or Vice President always begin with RI and followed by number. For example, the president's vehicle license plate is "RI-1", and the vice president's is "RI-2". Other senior officials also share the same convention.

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