Wagener the family name

Wagener                                                                            Wagener

The family name comes from Germany and is a shorter version of wagon maker. The Wagener lot are the wagon makers, people who built wagons. The Wagners where the wagon drivers, that explains why there are many more Wagners then Wageners. Another version is that the difference between Wagener and Wagner is the religion. The Wagener family is roman katholic, which is correct in my family line and the Wagners are Evangelic. This two versions also explains why the two names stayed separate for hundreds of years, in Europe at least. Wageners and Wagners who emigrated to the United States or Canada, sometime changed their name to Wagoners/Waggoners, because they did not want to be recognised as Germans.

About the family coat of arms, i have already some about the Wagener family, but i have to find out which one belongs to my direct family line.

a Wagener coat of arms

an other Wagener coat of arms

Resultaten van het onderzoek

Ergebnise der Untersuchung

Results of the research


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