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Wagener, the family name & some Wagener coat of arms

Resultaten van het Wagener onderzoek [NL]

De totale stamboom/ Genealogie Wagener  [NL]

Ergebnise der Untersuchung [D]

Results of the research [UK]

All Surnames in my Wagener family tree

Wagener's in Nederland [NL]

Wagener, more about the Wagener family in the Netherlands, also database with all Wagener's can be found! [NL]

Wagener's world wide

Genealogy of Wagener from down under (Australia & New Sealand)

Map of border between The Netherlands & Germany



Martin Wagener  born in the vicinity of the river the "Niers" in Land van Kleef,  Germany 1738?- ?,? ?

Gerhard Wagener


Gerhard Wagener  Wesel,  Germany 1762- ?,? died before 1814.

Christian Wagener


Christian Wagener Emmerich, Germany 1791-  ?, Germany died between 1843 and 1858.

Maria Petronella Wagener

Gerhard Christian Wagener

Wilhelmina Wagener

Christiaan Wagener

Johann Wilhelm Wagener

Johann Wilhelm Wagener

Wilhelm Wagener


Christiaan Wagener Griethausen, Germany 1818- Bemmel, The Netherlands 1882.

Christiaan Wagener

Maria Hendrina Wagener

Maria Catharina Wagener

Johanna Maria Wagener

Maria Anna Wagener

Peter (Petrus Wilhelmus) Wagener

Catharina Mathilda Wagener

Helena Maria Wagener

Gerhardus Johannes Wagener

Arnoldus Josephus Wagener

Johannes Wagener


Peter (Petrus Wilhelmus) Wagener Doornenburg, the Netherlands 1867- Aalten, the Netherlands 1951.

Peter Wagener

Mientje Wagener

Anneke Wagener

Anneke Wagener

Gerrit Wagener

Doortje Wagener


Gerrit Wagener Aalten, the Netherlands 1907 - Winterswijk, the Netherlands 1986.

Gerard Wagener

Theo Wagener

Marijke Wagener

Regina Wagener


Gerard Wagener Aalten, the Netherlands 1944- Arnhem, the Netherlands 1999.

Marco Wagener

Richard Wagener


Marco Wagener Bredevoort, the Netherlands 1971.


Dictionary- Woordenboek- Worterbuch

Wagener stadion in Amstelveen, the Netherlands

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